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Breathe proprietary blend of oils aids in easy breathing, especially at night, due to the specific properties of the oils contained within combating airborne bacteria and viruses.  Diffusing Breathe during the night, aids in more restful sleep.  Affecting the Respiratory System and the Skin, this oil blend promotes respiratory health, clearing airways, by fighting airborne bacteria and viruses and soothing the tissues of the respiratory system.

Single Oils within Blend:

  • Laurel Leaf (Bay) helps with viral infections, bronchitis, and asthma due to its antiseptic and antifungal properties.
  • Peppermint has similar properties in addition to being anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic.  It cools, dilates, and soothes the system.
  • Eucalyptus radiata specifically targets a reduction of inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane and fights viruses in the respiratory system.
  • Melaleuca alternifolia specifically aids in breaking up mucus caused by bronchitis or inflammation.  It also has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties.
  • Lemon’s fragrance invigorates, warms, and enhances the other oils properties.  It’s antiseptic properties heal, purify, and aids in physical energy.
  • Ravensara is an additional oil that fights viruses, bacteria, and fungi by dilating, opening, and strengthening the respiratory system.

Typically, Breathe is diffused day or night to aid with breathing.  If this isn’t strong enough, add Breathe to a sink of hot, steaming water, put a towel over your head and inhale to open blocked sinuses.  Adding Wintergreen or On Guard is also effective.

It is also powerful when applied to the bottoms of the feet, the chest, and the back.  Dilute with fractionated coconut oil for young children or sensitive skin.  This can also be used for a full-body massage and, to relax further, add it to your bath.  If you like the odor of Breathe, add it to your ears, heart, or wrists and wear as perfume/cologne.

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Breathe Uses and Benefits

Mono (Mononucleosis)
Nasal Polyp
Respiratory Systems



Breathe – Respiratory Blend — 14 Comments

  1. I was invited to a doTerra class a few weeks ago where I was introduced to these essential oils for the first time. I suffer from asthma and am particularly sensitive to fragrances that can often irritate my lungs. While at the class I began to have trouble breathing due to smelling all the other oils. I asked the instructor to let me try the breathe oil before using my inhaler. Within 10 minutes I could tell I was not going to need to use my inhaler after all. I plan to make this one of my first essential oil purchases.

  2. Seeing Marci;s comment I also was introduced to doTerro a few weeks ago and I bought the Breath and I carry it with me where ever I go and when I think I need my inhaler I just breath a few breaths of Breath and it does the trick. I love it!!!! Thanks a Bunch for your great teachers in Grand Junction area. sj

  3. My 11yr old has been treated for asthma since 2months of age. With repeated hospitalizations to both the regular pedi ward and the pedi ICU, he has at times been on 9 daily prescription meds. He has been treated by both allergists and pulmonologists who can’t find a cause for his asthma. We manage his symptoms as well as we can but he still ends up missing at least 2 months of school a year. With five children, he gets exposed to so much and it prevents him from enjoying many of the activities other kids his age enjoy. A few months ago we were introduced to doterra and to breathe. I began using it on his chest daily and diffusing it in his room whle he slept (along with on guard). He says it helps him breathe easier and his peak flow meter can attest to the fact that his breathing HAS IMPROVED. We also started weaning him off of his medications. He is now down to two daily meds. Instead of getting worse (which was what happened each time we tried to get off of his meds) he reports feeling much better. He says that the oils make him feel normal. He is able to participate in more activities and is biking and swimming like never before. I am so greatful for doterra and the miracle I see worked in my sons life.

  4. We were traveling home from visiting my parents and our daughter had a coughing attack. She couldn’t stop coughing and this seemed to go for some time. I finally decided it was time to use Breathe. I rubbed a drop on her chest and immediately she stopped coughing. Not even a little cough. It was amazing. I was also glad my husband was there to witness this because I have been telling him about the oils and he was finally able to see it in action.

  5. I signed on as a consultant in June of this year and not a moment to soon. My little 16 month old girl got a severe upper respiratory infection. She would cough all night. So I rubbed about 3 drops of breathe with coconut oil on her chest and back. To my absolute amazement she did not cough at all. We still had to take her to the doctor, but she has recovered much faster than most children would have. I am a BELIEVER!!!

  6. I spent 23 days traveling throughout Asia, China, and Taiwan. We were flying on different airlines and in different countries for 16 days of the total trip. I was concerned about the exposure to dust, dirt, and mainly smog. I used the Breathe blend twice a day, and was able to stay clear for most of the trip. Several of my colleagues will be getting some oils as they were quite impressed with the quality and effectiveness of the product. Thanks for making this a great trip!

  7. I have had eye problems for the past several years; saw an eye doctor and they couldn’t identify an infection or any other issue that would cause the blurry vision and discharge. I started using breath sample I got at a presentation on the skin around my eye, behind ears, under nose and the problem is solved. I believe I may have been dealing with a chronic sinus infection that just doesn’t go away but the breath essential oil has improved my condition completely.

  8. For those of you people out there that k ows of someone that snores alot at night….try rubbing some Breathe on their pillow before they fall asleep, notice the difference…no snoring at all.

  9. My five year old had a lingering cough for approximately 3 months! She coughed heavenly at night and it was very worrisome to us as parents because I had done everything I could spending tons of money on doctor’s visit ($40), breathing treatments ($20), and over the counter cough medicine ($20). I’m so glad my friend told me about do-terra. As soon as I received my Home Essential’s Kit I applied breathe at night and diffused it before her bedtime. My little girl finally had a restful night. I’m extremely happy that I was able to cure her cough. Thank you do-terra for being amazing!

  10. My first experience with your product called breath was when I had had a cold with a cough but had already taken 36 Day Quil tablets in the last 4 days. My friends mother who is now my upline came by with it and said to rub it onto my throat chest and even the outersides of the nose. Within hours 4 my nose was no longer clogged and i could breath better. The next day i continued to apply this blend and found that in 2 days i was blessed to feel so much better. I will not take anymore over the counter medicines because all i use to do is waste my money buying products that do not help me live better. Jo does do terra.

  11. I must’ve picked up a virus in contact with the public, places, people in general. So when I had a sore throat followed by coughing, wheezing, mucous etc., I allowed myself to try Breathe as a drop rubbed on my chest rather than take cough medications, the effects took on immediately. I am not irritated, troubled, or coughing anymore. I should have done this from the very beginning and I wouldn’t have suffered as much.

  12. We bought our qualifying kit tonight because of Breathe & of course for the other products as well! We attended a meeting & some of the product was shared around. My chest was very tight which made me feel I needed to cough, I inhaled some as it passed by & relied it some. After the meeting I breathed it in deeper & put a couple of drops on my chest & it totally went away & now 7 hrs. later my chest feels fine & my nasal passages are not dripping! I usually need to blow my nose after eating but not tonight!

  13. I have been sick with bronchitis for the last couple weeks. I had a bad coughing attack at work. I felt like I couldn’t breathe at all. A co-worker happened to be an asthmatic and offered a couple drops of Breathe. Within minutes, I was no longer coughing and my chest did not feel near as tight. She gave me another dose later in the shift, and I felt amazing. No coughing. No tight chest. It made me a believer!

  14. I had a baby in December of 2012 and she was my first child to get RSV. She was so sick that we were told to take her to the hospital for treatments on a daily basis for 2 weeks. Every time that I went they would comment on how amazing it was that her oxygen levels were so good considering how much mucus they were pulling out of her. A couple of times they said that she had the prize for the most mucus of the day. I know that the breathe was the reason that she did so well despite the severity of her sickness. Amazing blend!

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