dōTERRA Consultant Training

consultant trainingWelcome to the Doterra-essential-oils.com Consultant Training.  Follow the steps below to become a successful dōTERRA consultant and get on the path to becoming dōTERRA Diamond.  Receive the training guide by e-mail at dōTERRA Consultant Training Guide E-mail at the bottom of the page for yourself or someone on your team.  Also take advantage of dōTERRA’s other resources including doterrauniversity.com, doterraeveryday.com, and doterratools.com.

This guide is meant to be used in conjunction with your upline.   Follow each step online or receive by e-mail below.  Learn more about the Doterra-essential-oils.com Team and how to join our team on our Team Page.

#1 Welcome To dōTERRA

Introductory Kit with CD

  • Doterra-essential-oils.com Team Page
  • Sponsor contact info – schedule a call
  • Why dōTERRA? How dōTERRA Can Change Your Life
  • dōTERRA, Testimonial, Success Videos

#2 Why Use dōTERRA Essential Oils

  • Premium essential oils enrollment kit 150x150Product Guides – Know the how, why, what, and when
  • Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG)
  • Videos, webinars, and podcasts on the oils
  • Get your own results and testimonial


#3 How To Make Money With dōTERRA

  • money pigBuy wholesale, sell retail
  • Bonuses for enrolling other consultants
  • Leadership pools and prize incentives
  • Earnings Potential


Step #4 dōTERRA Business Opportunity

  •  Commit – take advantage of this opportunity
  • Set goals with your upline
  • Plan your next 3 months

Step #5 Loyalty Rewards Program

  • Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) benefits
  • Product of the month
  • Product points
  • Set up your LRP

Step #6 Share Oil Samples

  • Purchase sample materials
  • Make a list
  • Share 30 samples in 30 days

Step #7 Hold An Essential Oils Event

  • Attend or watch Intro to Essential Oils
  • Personal invite guests with reminders
  • Share your oils and explain business opportunity


Step #8 Weekly Schedule

  • Upline and downline calls
  • Share sample oils
  • 1-on-1 or class

Step #9 Monthly Schedule

  • Duplicate with your consultants
  • Consultant training with sponsor, events
  • Product training with videos, webinars

Step #10 dōTERRA Lifestyle

  • Using oils everyday
  • Sharing dōTERRA with the worlds
  • Convention



dōTERRA Consultant Training — 1 Comment

  1. I received an invitation for a training in Denver on Oct. 11 with a number to call. They didn’t know anything about it. The website shows nothing either. The letter included two tickets for $25 and I am wondering if I can bring my husband and we each get $25 and how I actually am supposed to register.

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