Geranium Essential Oil

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Geranium is most commonly known for its use in skin care products because of its skin soothing properties.  It is also used to calm nerves, reduce anxiety, and temper minor aches and pains.  Affecting the Skin and Emotional Systems, Geranium supports liver health and balances emotions.  The oil blends well with all other oils, enhances their benefits, and creates harmony with them.

Steam distilled from leaves, Geranium has been used historically to remedy bone fractures, tumors, and wounds in addition to dysentery, inflammations, hemorrhoids, and heavy menstrual flow.  The French have used it to treat urinary stones, jaundice, gall-bladder, sterility, diabetes, and gastric ulcers.

When diffused, Geranium’s sweet, green, citrus-rosy, and fresh scent aids in releasing negative memories and restoring joyful thoughts.  It lifts the spirit, balances emotions, and establishing a feeling of hope and well being, while releasing nervous stress and tension.  When taken orally, dilute 1 drop of oil to 1 tsp honey, in 4 oz of beverage, or in a capsule.  This oil can be applied directly to the reflex points or affected areas.  Skin sensitization can occur if used repeatedly.

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Geranium Uses and Benefits

activate right brain
autism anxiety
autism fear
broken capillaries
child diarrhea
dehydrated skin
dry hair
dry hands
dry lips
dry skin
gastric ulcer
hand (maintaining)
mashed finger
neglected hands
pms aggressive
pms violent
urinary tract support
Uterine Cancer



Geranium Essential Oil — 5 Comments

  1. This oil is quickly becoming my favorite oil. It is difficult to find the exact words to describe it in a testimonial. The effect of GERANIUM on this vessel’s shattered heart is indescribable. Previously, when the grief and trauma has been deemed insurmountable, the sharp, harsh torment of the emotional anguish has left me empty and void amidst a world of darkness and tragedy. Now, as the tears come, not without their proper measure of pain, they slowly ebb as the muscular tension in my body is released. The body remembers the tears the eyes refuse to shed and GERANIUM facilitates a soothing, gentle release of the pain that has imprisoned me. Now, I can begin to know peace, and I can walk in a newly discovered hope and assurance that life is indeed meant to be lived in love.

    Stella Shoff
    IPC 183669

    • When having dry hands you can use Geranium, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Immortelle, Sandalwood, Lemon. Other products are Hand and Body Lotion to moisturize and protect. :)

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