Purify – Cleansing Blend

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Purify is design to act as a cleansing blend – fighting airborne bacteria, odors, and other environmental contaminants, all naturally.  It aids in problems of the Digestive System, the Skin, and Emotional Balance.

Single Oils in Blend:

  • Lemon cleanses the air and water, and its aroma promotes healing and purification.
  • Lime fights against bacteria, viruses and acts as an antiseptic.
  • Pine heals the urinary system from infections and cuts.
  • Citronella purifies, sanitizes, deodorizes, reduces inflammation, and fights against bacteria and spasms.
  • Melaleuca fights infection caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and other infections to the immune system.  It may also detox and cleanse the blood, helping to balance heart functions.
  • Cilantro aids in healing stings, bites, and burns.  It also may help memory, uplift and refresh.

When diffused for an hour, Purify removes airborne particulates.  Wait for two hours between diffusing, and repeat as desired.  Purify is great to take out of the home and diffuse in the office, or hotel room, or car by putting a cotton ball near an air vent.  When applied topically to cleanse or directly to infections, rub on without dilution.  It can also be applied to reflex points.  Some even recommend to add it to paint to reduce fumes – mixing as you go as oil may separate.

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Purify Uses and Benefits

Addictions:  Sugar
Addictions: Drugs
Air Pollution
Air Pollution:  Disinfectants
Animals: Dogs – Bug Bites
Animals: Dogs – Ticks
Animals: Ear Infections
Bites/Stings: Allergic
Bites/Stings: Allergic
Burns: Infected
Coughs: Allergy
Ears: Hearing in a Tunnel
Mice (Repel)
Purification: Cigarette Smoke
Ulcers: Leg
Urinary Tract: Infection



Purify – Cleansing Blend — 4 Comments

  1. I had a small burn on the back of my finger from my curling iron which became infected. After blending a few drops of purify and lavender oil with my coconut oil and applying several times a day, the redness started to disappear and the wound began to heal.

  2. I had a bout with allergies and the cough had settled into my chest, my aunt broke out the Purify essential oil. Immediately upon inhaling the scent, I felt relief from the ‘tickle’ in my chest. When it was time for me to leave, she gave me a small bottle for the road. I did not cough once on the way home. I love this stuff and look forward to purchasing my own set of essential oils.

  3. What type of essential oil blend will be best for a new house to rid of toxins?
    Thanks for your help

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