TerraShield – Repellent Blend

TerraShield 225x300

TerraShield is a proprietary blend, designed to repel insects.  It is powerful enough to repel for up to 6 hours and is safe for children. It’s light, citrus smell is more pleasant than synthetic bug repellents and works effectively either topically or diffused.

Single Oils in Blend:

  • Lemon Eucalyptus repels silverfish and cockroaches in addition to other insects.
  • Citronella kills and repels insects.
  • Lemongrass kills many insects and is a strong repellent.
  • Proprietary blend of 12 other oils.

TerraShield can be applied to any exposed skin, diffused into the air, or placed near vents, openings, or windows on strips of ribbons to repel bugs.

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TerraShield Uses and Benefits

Insects/Bugs: Mosquitoes
Insects/Bugs: Repellent
Insects/Bugs: Ticks



TerraShield – Repellent Blend — 9 Comments

  1. I use TerraShield on my children, and our dog to prevent bug bites! Works wonderful! Especially since my oldest child breaks out to everything we have ever tried, except this! Thank you for a wonderful product!!!!

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