Wild Orange Essential Oil

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Wild Orange is cold-pressed right from the rind and has amazing citrus aroma and flavor.  It is a favorite early in the morning to revitalize, uplift, and energy the body and mind.  Wild Orange has antiseptic, tonic, and sedative properties that make it a great tool for fighting seasonal threats, protecting the environment, cleansing and purifying.  Historically, oranges have been used to fight digestive issues, like diarrhea, prolapse, jaundice, bleeding, heartburn, and relaxing of the throat.  The French have also used it to aid with insomnia, palpitation, cardiac spasm, dyspepsia, and menopause.  As previously mentioned, it affects the Digestive and Immune System, but it also helps Emotional Balance and the Skin.

When diffused, Wild Orange fresh, sweet, and fruity aroma has an uplifting and calming effect.  It can also be used topically, applying to reflex points or area of concern without being diluted.  But due to photosensitivity, avoid direct sunlight for 12 hours after application.  It can be taken internally through cooking, or placing 1-2 drops under the tongue, in capsules, or dilute one drop in 1 tsp honey or 4 oz of beverage.

Wild Orange enhances other oils it is blended with, like Cinnamon, Lavender, Frankincense, and Geranium.  As a personifier, it helps therapeutically and has its own dominant properties.

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Wild Orange Uses and Benefits

Cardiovascular System
Nervous System: Nervousness



Wild Orange Essential Oil — 6 Comments

  1. YUMMY! I must say it is my favorite flavor of all I have tried. The aromatherapy benefits are phenomenal and for one who has historically lived on the “depressive” side, this oil makes me want to dance a jig. If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for? If it works for you like it works for me, you won’t want to run out.

    Stella Shoff
    IPC 183669

  2. Having first gone to a meeting tonight and trying samples of the oil, I am truely impressed with the pureness of the oil. Wild Orange is a very smoothing and rich oil which has helped me with emotional issues that I am going through since recently losing my wife. Thank you for a wonderful product.

  3. I have recently had to teach young teenage girls and at times they have a hard time to focus and learn. So as an experiment before we actully started class the girls were ask to rub this wild orange onto their wrist. As the class continued the girls seem more attentive and calm. Not so rushed or even fidgitting. Towards the end of class I ask each girl how they felt. I got not one negative response but to the contray they were happy relaxed and had gotten the point of the class lesson. Amazing what the younger generation can do and retain. This really helped me to recharge my mood even after a very long hot hard day filled with many obsticles and challenges. No Bath with Calgone Just use wild orange to “take me away” to that better place.

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