Wintergreen Essential Oil

Wintergreen Essential Oil 225x300Most modern consumers are familiar with the aroma and flavor of wintergreen due to its popularity in candy and chewing gum. Wintergreen essential oil, however, has much more to offer therapeutically, as a soothing agent for aches and pains, for example.

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Wintergreen Uses and Benefits

Animals: Bones (Pain)
Animals: Dogs – Bone Injury
Bone: Bone Spurs
Joints: Rotator Cuff (Sore)



Wintergreen Essential Oil — 3 Comments

  1. My aunt has compression fractures and is in MAJOR PAIN. I have been trying to research what will help her, and I am wondering if wintergreen is the way to go. Can anyone tell me if it is or what might be better? Thanks!

    • Yes wintergreen is recommended for pain. If there is a specific location of pain, that will also help to find oils specifically for the pain.

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